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DJ Enterprise – Plumb Clean Tool

ragsThe Plumb Clean was developed by Darwin Hunskor who began farming and working in the oil industry in 1958 after graduation from high school. He has done various aspects of oil work which include laying pipe for the Portal Pipeline which is now Enbridge, loading railway oil tank cars , dispatching for Portal Pipeline, gauging and buying oil and contract pumping.

Darwin retired a few years ago, but his son needed a pumper to help out in the oilfield so he and his wife went back to pumping wells.

Gauging tanks has always been a dirty job. The gauge line could be wiped off but not the plumb bob. Darwin thought there had to be a better way to clean the plumb bob and not have the mess of oily rags or dripping gauge boxes. He began to imagine a solution, something that would act like a squeegee to wipe the plumb bob clean. After some trial and error, a prototype was tested in the field. It worked! No more rags and best of all, the gauge box was no longer a pool of oil.

Gauging is much easier when you use the Plumb Clean and you’ll help keep the environment clean when you don’t have the disposal of those oily rags.

Try the new Plumb Clean which is manufactured right here in North Dakota.